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Much time has passed since the millennia old Empire of MU lost complete and utter control over the Continent. Over time, the bloody feuds and civil wars destroyed and ravaged the once beautiful land of MU. Antonias, a feudal lord, overwrought with his burning ambition to control the land called MU was at once easily deceived by an evil sorcerer named Lemulia who through Antonia's obsession was able to bring Kundun, the Devil of Darkness, back to life. But who will take the task of sealing the demon Kundun and restoring the land to its once former beauty? Will it be YOU? The Devil of Darkness has already begun to take action to obliterate the Continent of MU. Receive thy Quest! Only the sword in your hand can banish Kundun and his evil minions once more.

Getting Started:
  1. Installation: Download the MU Full Version installer to computer. Run installer, Begin Installation, Review User Terms and Agreements, Install game, Run Game after 100% Complete.

  2. Character Creation:
    1. Dark Knight (DK)/ Blade Knight (BK)

      1. Strength Knight - A Dark Knight that is trained to attack with Strength using the strongest weapons, uses his Strength to inflict as much Damage as possible.
      2. Agility Knight - A Dark Knight that is trained more as a melee warrior. An Agility Knight can wield 1-handed swords with a shield in the other hand. They also have a higher Defense and Defense Rate, making himself a harder target for Enemies.
      3. Vitality Knight - A Dark Knight that is trained to be able to take the most punishment with a higher HP count. Equipped with Healing Potions/Defense Buffs he is ideal to withstand the most Damage a Monster can dish out.
    2. Dark Wizard (DW)/ Soul Master (SM)

      1. Energy Wizard - Most Wizards can only be trained one way, increasing their Energy allows more powerful spells to be used inflicting greater Damage. Along with the increasing Energy, their total usable mana also increases allowing a wizard to repeat spells more frequently, than a Wizard who has invested a lot into STR or AGI.
    3. Fairy Elf (Elf)/ Muse Elf (still an Elf… )

      1. Energy Elf - A Fairy Elf that is more specifically geared to be the Support in the team. Using Defense buffs, Damage buffs, and Healing buffs allow your party to be more efficient. Focusing most of their STAT points into Energy; the Fairy Elf does not have high Defense or Strength and is usually found only in a Party.
      2. Agility Elf - A Fairy Elf that is an Agility Elf uses Bows and Crossbows for ranged attacks. Usually high in Defense Rate, the Agility Elf is the ideal trainer and probably one of the most proficient Characters on MU.
      3. Hybrid Elf - A Fairy Elf that is trained to have the Agility to use more than decent Bows and Crossbows, but also has enough Energy to buff themselves for Solo Training. Though their buffs are usually no where near as good as an Energy Elfs, a Hybrid Elf can support a party and also train on their own when a party is not available.
    4. Magic Gladiator (MG)

      1. Agility MG - Not Trained as much in Strength the Agility MG is made very similarly to that of the Agility Knight. Higher level weapons require the player to be evolved into the Blade Knight and so the MG cannot equip those higher level weapons.
      2. Energy MG - Magic Gladiators can also use the Dark Wizard Spells (Not to be confused with Soul Master spells). Higher Energy means longer repeated spells and more damage per spell use, and is very valuable in a party.
      3. Vitality MG - With enough Strength to wear strong armor the Vitality MG is made just like the Vitality Knight and serves the same purpose but is more beneficial due to the STAT point/level ratio the MG has.
    5. Dark Lord

      1. Command Dark Lord - Dark Lords with high command will be able to control the Dark Horse and Dark Raven; and use higher skills such as Summon or Critical Damage Increase. If their leadership skills are not high enough then their pets will not obey them. Also with higher command means higher leadership and the Dark Lord will be able to reach the maximum Guild Capacity of 80 members.
      2. Battle Dark Lord - These Dark Lords have an abundance of strength with enough Energy to use the Fire Burst spell. These Battle Dark Lords are extremely strong and tend to have high Vitality too, to make up for his lack of defense. Battle Dark Lords are easily one of the strongest Characters in Global MU Online.

  • Left Mouse Button: Move, Attack, Lean, or Sit-down options
  • Right Mouse Button: Use spells or skills
  • [Ctrl] + Mouse Button: PK Attack
  • F1: Help Menu
  • F2: Dialogue Toggle
  • F3: Whisper mode On/Off
  • F4: Adjust Chat Window
  • F5: Toggles MUssenger chatting window when receiving incoming message
  • F6: Hides MUssenger chatting window
  • Enter: Opens Text Box
  • Shift: Holds Character position
  • Spacebar: Picks up Item/Zen
  • Print Screen: Takes Screen Shot
  • ALT: Displays Item name on ground
  • C: Character Stats
  • I/V: Inventory
  • M: Warp Menu
  • D: Command List
  • Q: Uses default health item
  • W: Uses default mana potion
  • E: Uses item that is put into Shortcut
  • F: Opens/Closes MUssenger
  • P: Party Window
  • G: Guild Window
  • Numbers (1-9): Select Spell/Skill Binds
  • CTRL + number (1-9): Bind spells/skill to number
Command List This is a window that is brought up by pressing "D" on the keyboard. It is an alternate way of using commands without typing /. Just left click on command choice then right click on the player you wish to use it on.
  • /Party: To set up a party
  • /Guild: To join a guild
  • /Trade: To start a trade
  • /Request : Declines or accepts any request
  • /Buy: Opens personal store
  • /Duel: Begins/Ends a duel with opposing player


Setting up a macros is like using Hot Keys. The player can set a sentence or command to any digit (0-9). To set the Macro the player must type "/ '#' " into the chat box, followed by its sentence or command.

ie. "/1 /warp lorencia", now the warp to Lorencia command is set to the number 1 macro.

To activate the Macro all the player must do is press ALT + the number the macro was set to. In the previous case ALT +1 would warp the player to Lorencia.

Party System

It may be fun to train on your own, but may be even more beneficial to train in a Party. Every now and then you will be asked if you want to join a Party.

Though not as much EXP is obtained when partied with higher members, the EXP is so much faster that should compensate for the drop in EXP. Also when higher level, it is to the player's advantage to help train the lower level characters. Higher level characters get a boost in experience when partied with lower level "noobs", and can also obtain another boost if one of the Three Main Characters (DK, DW, Elf) is in a party. There can be a MAX of 5 players in a single Party.

Trading System:

While playing Global MU Online, you as a player may want to make trade transactions and deals with other players. When this occurs you will be prompted to begin a trade, and select Yes/No. If Yes is selected, an inventory slot will open where you may trade items and zen between players.. Items for trade are up to the players discretion, but pleased be aware for trade scams, TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Chat Functions

  • ~<message>: sends party message
  • @<message>: sends guild message
  • @!<message>: sends guild notice (Guild Leader Only)
  • Page UP and Page DOWN: scrolls through messages
  • TAB: Toggles between Chat box and ID box
  • Right Click on Message: Obtains Whisper ID
In-Game Abbreviations


  • STR: Strength
  • AGI: Agility
  • VIT: Vitality
  • E: Energy
  • GM: Game Master
  • PL: Party Leader
  • HP: Health Points
  • MP: Mana Points
  • NPC: Non Playing Character
  • GW: Guild War
  • PT: Party
  • KS: Kill Steal
  • PK: Player Kill
  • PHONO: High Level PK'er
  • Lvl: Level
  • EXP/XP: Experience
  • Noob: New Player
  • ++: Buff
  • MAX: Maximum Upgrade
  • EXC: Excellent
  • DK: Dark Knight
  • BK: Blade Knight
  • DW: Dark Wizrad
  • SM: Soul Master
  • EE: Energy Elf
  • AE: Agility Elf
  • MG: Magic Gladiator
  • DR: Defense Rate
  • DD: Damage Decrease
  • REF: Reflect
  • SPD: Speed
  • GAP: Over 130 levels between yourself and another.

  • CDA: Chaos Dragon Axe
  • DB: Double Blade
  • LS: Lightning Sword
  • SOD: Sword of Destruction
  • CA: Crescent Axe
  • BOB: Bill of Balrog
  • CS: Chaos Staff
  • GS: Grand Soul
  • GRC: Great Reign Crossbow
  • CNB: Chaos Nature Bow
  • CMS: Crystal Morning Star
  • BD: Black Dragon
  • JOL: Jewel of Life
  • B: Bless
  • S: Soul
  • C: Chaos
  • PEND: Pendant
  • HORN: Unicorn
  • DINO: Dinorant
  • POTS: Potions
  • ES: Evil Spirit
  • HF: Hell Fire
  • TS: Twisting Slash

  • Brb: Be right back
  • Wb: Welcome back
  • AFK: Away from Keyboard
  • Bb: bye bye
  • Lol: Laughing out Loud
  • Bbl: Be back later
  • Omg: Oh my goodness

  • LT (1-7): Lost Tower 1-7
  • A (1-3): Atlans 1-3
  • DS: Devil's Square
  • BC: Blood Castle
  • CS: Castle Siege
  • BR: Bull Room
  • HS: Hot Spot

Action Commands
Laugh HaHa HeHe HoHo ^^ ^_^ ^.^
Kneel Respect Defeated
Scratches Head Sorry ^^; ;
Sob Cry Sad Cry T_T
Charge Forward Rush Go Go
Wave Bye Goodbye
Clap Good Nice Wow
Bow Hello Welcome Thanks Hi
Cross Arms Huh -_- -.- Pooh
Raise Arms Great Beat It
Rub Arms Cold Hurts
No Don't Never Not
Pump Arms OK Again
Salute Sir
Points That There
Victory Victory Win
Yawn Tired Sleepy
Dance Hustle
Step back looking Looking around
Invite to follow Come on