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MU Online is a 3D MMORPG that takes you, the player, into a fantasy world full of excitement, adventure and monsters. With several ways to train your character, MU is a sure way to a unique adventure. Join others in the quest to bring the continent of MU back to peace, and clear it from the clenches of Kundun and his forces forever.

Key Game Highlights:
·  Over 100,000 ways to combine your items
·  Real weather effects
·  Heart pumping in-game PvP (player vs. player) events
·  Easy in-game function and control
·  Quality Customer Support

Guild System
why play alone when you can play with a team. Guilds allow players to join together and participate in activities such as Guild Wars, Training and Battle Soccer. In a guild a player can gain more experience and make new friends while becoming a successful member of the Global MU Online community.

Adventurers should travel in wide, open areas in order to minimize attachs by Kundun's minions. Depending on the tools and capacities in hand, transportation means can vary between walking, running, swimming and traveling by Unicorn.

Party System
Using the party system is vital in the gameplay of Global MU Online. Though it may be fun to train and hunt for items on you own, it can be more beneficial to do so in a party. Less EXP is obtained when partied with higher members, but EXP can be gained much faster. Higher level characters get a boost in EXP when partied with lower level characters.

Chat System
Chatting amongst other characters is essential. Global MU Online supports in-game chat, whispering, and communication via emoticon. Whispering allows you to chat with specific characters, where only the intended receiver can read your chat message. With emoticons, your character can perform various movements to convey anything from crying to laughing, or from tired to excited; these emoticons are used widely throughout the game.

PvP System
At any given time, the continent of MU will have outlaws that roam the lands. Outlaws are characters that kill other characters whether for sport or dispute. Rather than sorting out a dispute through conversation, a character may choose to enter PvP mode and kill the other character. Be advised that killing players does not go without consequence, for your character will be branded with the status of your actions.

Self-Defense System
Characters may receive Self-Defense if attacked by another character. With Self-Defense, a character may attack back without penalty so long is the attack can be stopped. If defending against an attack with Self-Defense, the defending character will be penalized if the attacker is successful. Self-Defense will go away on it's own after a short period of time.

Outlaw level
After you kill another character, your own character gets a warning and your in-game name will change to an orange color. You will warned that if your characters kills again, that character will be branded with a Murderer status. When a Murderer, other characters may attack you without penalty. If you continue to kill innocent characters, your character will be branded an Outlaw and your in-game name will change to a dark red color.

Trading System
Trading is a very essential part of Global MU Online. Whether it's between Zen, Jewerls or Items; everyone in-game uses trades.

The Chaos System
The Chaos Machine is there to combine times in hopes of making a better item, or to upgrade current items. It is a completely randomized method of successfully combining items or losing them. The Chaos Machine can be used to make Chaos Weapons: 1st and 2nd stage Wings, Fruits, Devil's Invitation's, Cloaks of Invisibility and to upgrade items from +10 to +13.