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Game Events


Built-in events


Event Name Location Details
Battle Soccer Arena

Battle Soccer can be done at any time by challenging an opposing team of players.

Duel System Any

Duel System allows 2 non-PK players to duel it out without being flagged for killing the other.

Guildwars System Any

Guilds can challenge each other to find out who's the toughest guild in the block.

Red Dragon Invasion

Lorencia, Devias, Noria

Red Dragons summoned by Kundun have come to wreak havoc on the lands.

Golden Dercon Invasion

Lorencia, Devias, Noria

More Dragons that Kundun conjured but these are tougher and stronger.

Golden Budge Dragon

Lorencia, Noria

The Golden Budge Dragon appears in Lorencia and Noria harassing passersby.

Box of Heaven



Box of Luck



Heart of Love Any

Valentine's Event makes monsters drop Hearts of Love that bring zen or items.

Firecracker Any

New Year Event makes monsters drop Firecrackers to celebrate the New Year.

Star of Sacred Rebirth Any

Xmas Event makes monsters drop a Star of Sacred Rebirth to celebrate the Christmas Season.

Underground Forces Attack


The undead have surfaced to attack Lorencia as Kundun has commanded. The undead rise at every new server reboot.

White Wizard Attack Lorencia, Davias, Noria

The White wizard and his orc army attack.

Golden Troops Attack


Golden Titans have come to attack Davias.

Golden Tantalos


Golden Tantalos and Iron Wheels have come to invade the lands of Tarkan.

Golden Lizard King


The Golden Lizard King has come to invade Atlans.

Season II Events Kantru / Aida More details on forums


Quest Name Location Details
Ring of the Warrior/The Trainer (Marlon) Lorencia, Devias, Noria , Atlans Marlon the trainer will train those worthy to learn greater power.
Career Advancement Quest Davias This quest enables you to acheive the next stage of your chosen path.
Devil Square Devil Square Entrance (Noria) Devil Square is a timed event that tests your endurance against the ever growing power of your opponents.
Blood Castle Blood Castle Entrance (Devias) Gather the required ingredients to create a mantle of invisibility to enter Blood Castle and retrieve the Archangel's weapon and receive a prize.
Chaos Castle Any Chaos Castle enables warriors to battle against each other and other opponents to gain powerful items.
Kalima Gate Stone Any Field Find the map to Kalima to open the gate stone and battle the forces of Kundun.


Game Master Events

Kill Serverboy!

To let off stress, serverboy sometimes comes down to the land and challenges all inhabitants of MU to defeat him.

Level Range: Open to all


Do you want to prove that you are the best? The Duelmaster is a tournament that awards the best combatant in the land with the most powerful trophy in the game. Requirements:
1 Tournament for each Class
Level Range 300-400

Duel Monsters

A tournament-type PK event for each class.

1 Tournament for each class
Level Range: 250 - 299


A tournament-type PK event.

3 Tournament for Basic Classes, 1 Mixed Tournament
Level Range 220-249

Phoenix Time Attack

Open to parties of 2-5 players, the time attack tests strategy and speed as players race to defeat the guardian of the sky road.

Level Range: 180 - up


Form your leagues to play battle soccer against opposing teams. Requirements:
Participants must be in one guild
Level Range: Open to all

Guild Assault

Participants must be in one guild
Level Range: Open to all

Save thy Master

Protect the master from the other team. This event builds teamwork and leadership to defend or attack the opposing master. The team that kills the master of the opposing team wins.

Participants must be in a guild
Level Range: Open to all

Castle Rush

Level Range: Open to all

Guild War

Participants must be in a guild

Tuesday Trivia

A Trivia event every Tuesday wit GM Twinkie.

Open to all


Open to all

Forum Trivia Contest


Bring Me

The Bring Me event requires players to bring certain items to the GM. The person who brings the most tagged items to the GM wins.

Level Range: Open to all

Forum Trivia Contest

Not everything in MU happens in the game. The forums do not merely serve as a means for the community to let each other know their thoughts, it's also a battleground to test the wits of players. This is where the fastest of wit and finger show their prowess and answer questions both non-game and game-related for prizes to be awarded in game. The questions range from practical and common-sense to devious and downright infuriating. Dullards need not apply.

Newbie Tours

New to the game of MU? This event is perfect for you. GMs spend the day giving tours to newbies and showing them the basics for survival in Lemuria.

Who Said it?

Level Range: Open to all

Date a GM

Level Range: Open to all

Dinorant Destruction Derby

Level Range: By announced level range